HOW-TO SOUND WORKSHOP attendees operate mixing consoles at up to 30 individual workstations, and learn the techniques necessary for them to become familiar with the operation of your own sound system. The HOW-TO SOUND WORKSHOPS bring more than $125,000 of equipment, including mixers, wireless/wired microphones, compressors, equalizers, peronal monitoring systems - and equipment for musicians to help lower stage volume. Participants receive 8 hours of up-close-and-personal HANDS-ON training, plus a workbook, equipment literature, lunch and snacks.

Special discount pricing if registered 14 or more days before the workshop. Register five or more attendees at least 14 days before the workshop for $109 per person or $139 for four or fewer. (Register five or more people fewer than 14 days before the workshop date for $129 per person or $159 for four or fewer.) The hands-on HOW-TO CHURCH SOUND WORKSHOP attendance is limited to 60 people, so register your sound & Praise teams today! Register online at or call 732/741-1275 or 301/739-6842. Come join us for a great day of learning!

Saint Paul's United Church of Chris, Sidney, OH is excited to announce that the natioally-recognized HOW-TO Church Sound Workshop Ministries, the leading providers of audio workshops in the USA, will be coming to our church to provide HANDS-ON SOUND TRAINING to our worship community. The workshop takes place at our church, Saturday, November 10, 2012 from 9 AM to 6 PM.

This workshop will help grow your ministry and support your church by..

1. Increasing volunteerism and membership through professional AV training.

2. Expanding youth participation by providing youth the chance to learn and operate technology.

3. Stopping membership loss due to poor sound and communication.

4. Showing you good stewardship: learn the correct sound equipment for your church.

5. Expanding your church's scope in the greater worship community.

HOW-TO Church Sound Workshop Ministry

Strive for Excellence in your worship service!

Hands-on training for your team!